Paintings & photos


Hastings is a traveller, itinerant land worker and artist.
He has worked in creative arts and interpreting  landscapes for nearly 40 years.

He observes and recounts the journey and moment via a painterly style using various media.




September October 2018 ~ Caravane des Ânes France - Residency
1878 - 2018: A 140-year anniversary to celebrate ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON

Information on this Artist in Residency
La carvane des ânes féte les 140 ans du Chemin Stevenson (pdf)
Les étapes (pdf)
An artist residency - Jeremy Hastings (pdf)

  • December 2018 - January 2019 “Off the Shelf” Joint Exhibition Staffordshire University Library
  • November  2018  Uses of Photography  Photo Collective NS Stoke on Trent
  • July August 2018 ~ Ilam Park National Trust - Residency
  • June July 2018 ~  Brownfields Reseach Centre Airspace Gallery - placement
  • May... on going 2018 ~ The Barn Artist Led Initiative, Cheshire
  • ‘Bouyed’ May 2018 ~ Cadman Gallery
  • ‘Veiling landscapes’ Feb 2018 ~ Group Installation Staffs University
  • ‘Despatches’ Jan 2018 ~ Cadman Gallery
Long long ago…..
  • Off the Wall SCA 1997
  • Dorset Arts Week Open Studio 1997
  • Sherborne Contemporary Arts 1997
  • Orchard Gallery Bournemouth 1997
  • Victoria School Sculpture Trail Residency 1997
  • Alfred Stevens Gallery Blandford 1996
  • Dorset Arts Week Open Studio 1996
  • Bryanston School Gallery Blandford 1995
  • Orchard Gallery Bournemouth 1995
  • Lodge Gallery Lyndhurst 1995
  • NI Youth Arts programme 1995
  • Reggio de Calabria Italy Festival 1994
  • Round Festival 1994
  • Round Festival 1993
  • Wimpole Hall 1991
  • Festival do Jovem Porto Portugal 1989
  • Festival do Jovem Porto Portugal 1987

Artist Statement

“A landscape here, long before we ever dreamed” 

I have always been itinerant. Moving through landscapes and countries from as far north as the Arctic Circle to as far south as Southern Africa. This life has been, like my practice: peripatetic. (Painting, photography, sound recording, participatory work as wellas documentary). An exploring of terrain and environment. Scraping back and re-layering. Sensing a vastness of time elapsed over an ever-changing horizon. A questioning of power and ownership, trespassing physically as well as with the paint over established territories. A flux where the alchemy of glaze and layers becomes deep within a coloured edge line. These are vulnerable moments challenging rhythms and change. Like a labourer toiling on the land, the work is hidden once the yield is realised. The ordinariness of a new place, sometimes domestic, frugal, austere, with even a beat of nostalgia. My journey brings with it a sense of longing, melancholy and memory. Trying to understand the expansiveness and reasoning in creating a palimpsest of landscape, my stories are hidden within.